What I Can Water

OASIS water is safe, but it’s still not for drinking.

For most plants and groundcover it won’t make a difference, but reuse water can have higher salt content. Some salt-sensitive plants may need to be hand-watered.

Reuse water also contains low levels of phosphorus and nitrogen. Those are nutrients plants typically need. When they come in reuse water, you’ll need to buy and apply less fertilizer. That saves time and money.

OASIS water can be used safely on plants you eat.

You also shouldn’t use reuse water for anything that:

  • Requires body contact, like pools, hot tubs, wading pools;
  • Connects to a house for any purpose, including water-cooled air conditioning;
  • Would be used in cleaning or washing, pets, equipment, siding, roofs and driveways;
  • Is used indoors at all, especially for drinking and cooking.

If you do come in contact with reuse water, simply wash with soap and water.