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Remember, you must be the owner of a single family property.

Application Form for Owners

(Before we will be able to connect your service address to OASIS, the property owner of the single family residence) must provide an original notarized hold harmless agreement. Click here to download a copy of the agreement.

You have three options for getting your original notarized hold harmless agreement to us. They are:

  1. Have the form notarized and mail the original copy to Krystal Aaron 1205 NE 5th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

  2. Go to Customer Service located in City Hall at 100 W. Atlantic Boulevard, or

  3. Arrange for us to meet you at the water service address, or meet you at another convenient location. (Please note: Option 2 and 3 are free, and option 1 can be free if your local bank provides the free service).

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Although multifamily and comrnercial  properties are required to connect to reuse, those properties are not eligible for connection through the ICanWater program. Multifarnily and commercial property owners are responsible for all connection cost. For over ten years the City Ordinance has required that all multifamily and commercial customers connect to the reuse system when reuse becomes available to the property. Customer Service sends out a letter notifying customers when reuse becomes available and that connection within 3 months is required.

For multifamily and commercial properties, there are a few steps to keep in mind:

1) Hire a licensed plumber to pull the permit from the Building Inspections Division
2) Contact Customer Service to apply for a reuse meter
3) The plumber will do the connection for you (we advise you to get a quote from at least 3 different plumbers),
4) Call the Building Inspection Division for inspection after the work is done.

Specifications for the plumbing work are available at the Building Inspections Division phone number 954-786-4670 and also online by clicking this link: