How I Can Water


If you’re the owner of a single-family property, call the OASIS hotline (954) 324-8434.

It’s quick and easy, and we do all the work.

There is just ONE Form to Fill out, and you’re done.

The City does the rest.

  • The City Utilities Department hires the plumber and gets the permits.
  • The plumber will schedule an appointment to visit your home.
  • The City Building Inspections Division inspects the plumber’s work.
  • Then, you can water!

Pompano Beach also installs a backflow preventer for single-family residential properties, which ensures the drinking water system is not contaminated by any cross-connections a reuse customer may make.  The City also maintains the backflow device, so you never have to worry about that, either.

Homeowners of single-family homes will need to sign and notarize a Hold Harmless Agreement. If you are a renter, talk to your landlord to see if they wish to sign up! OASIS staff will be happy to provide the homeowner with more information or the form.