Fact & Fiction

There has never been a documented case of illness from reuse water in the U.S.
Click on the link for fact sheet: ‘Child at play’ http://www.athirstyplanet.com/real_life/valuable_research/reuse_safe
I have to keep my dogs and kids off the grass after I irrigate.
Reuse is used for irrigating food crops all over the world. Reuse can’t be used to irrigate a garden because it’s unsafe.
Reuse water is treated nearly to drinking standards. The quality of the water is monitored throughout the treatment and delivery process. It is purified water! Reuse water is wastewater.
Reuse water is actively used in more than 1,900 locations around the country, with about 400 here in Florida. In half a century of use there has never been any illness reported because of direct contact with reuse water.  All water is reused, there is no new water. Reuse is an experiment.
Reuse water is colorless, and will not stain concrete. It may leave spots on a car like rainfall or drinking water. Reuse will stain my walls.
Most people don’t notice any odor. However, like the taste of groundwater, some people can tell the difference. The water has an odor.
The water is clean and safe, but in Pompano Beach it has not been treated to drinking water standards because we put it to good use without that additional step and additional cost.  The right water for the right use. It’s not safe or people could swim in it.
Reuse has a higher amount of salt so some plants can be negatively affected. These can be hand watered. There are very few plants that cannot handle the salt content. Reuse cannot be applied everywhere.